Developer Examples

Templates and app examples for working with the ODD SDK


The ODD App Template repositories are clone-and-go templates for building a web application using the ODD SDK. The templates are "batteries included", with user accounts, authorization, encrypted file storage, and key management through device linking.

The templates come in two authentication flavors and are implemented in two front-end frameworks:

WebCrypto-based Auth

The base authentication strategy uses private keys stored using the browser's WebCrypto API.


WalletAuth is for building apps where the user will log in with MetaMask or another in-browser crypto wallet.

  • walletauth - A WalletAuth template, written in Svelte and TypeScript.

  • walletauth-react - A WalletAuth template, written in React and TypeScript.

Create ODD App CLI

create-odd-app is a CLI generator that allows you to create the Svelte or React flavors of the ODD App Template and ODD WalletAuth templates.


We have presented workshops that use the templates as a starting point at a couple of events. These workshops are a great introduction to the file system API, but they are snapshots in time and may fall out of date.


See the ODD SDK GitHub organization for more examples.

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