An SDK for building apps with decentralized identity and storage

The ODD SDK empowers developers to build fully distributed web applications without needing a complex back-end. ODD SDK provides:

  • User accounts using the browser's Web Crypto API or a blockchain wallet using the ODD WalletAuth plugin

  • Authorization using UCAN

  • Encrypted file storage using the WNFS Filesystem backed by IPLD

  • Key management using the AWAKE protocol to link devices

  • Platform APIs for publishing apps from the browser

ODD SDK applications work offline and store data encrypted for the user by leveraging the power of the web platform.

This guide walks through the fundamental concepts for working with the ODD SDK. We also publish an API reference at and you can view the source code on GitHub.

You can also view the API reference at

Have questions? Ask your questions in the Fission Discord server or post them to the Fission Developer forum. We are excited to help you build apps with the ODD SDK and would love to hear from you!

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